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November 2 Meeting – It’s a Beautiful Morning


First, our prayers and thoughts go out to long-time Rotarian Oliver Fleming as he recovers from a heart attack.  We’re pulling for you Oliver!

Ernie Rings the Bell

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning! – The Beatles

The meeting started with the pledge, an old favorite R-O-T-A-R-Y, followed by America the Beautiful and Jeff returned thanks.

Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

Ernie noted that the morning turnout is about the same.  Next week, everyone who did not attend will get a reminder call at 4 a.m.  Right on cue, Jack showed up late.

Bragging Rights went to Anita actually showing up early in the morning; Ernie and Benjie running the 5k in under 30:00 only to get edged at the last 1/4 mile by 3 Kenyans (spoiler:  The kenyans wiped the floor with them).  Ernie got 3rd in his age division (spoiler: there were 3 in the division).  Also, he mentioned that the district did vote to support flood victims in Windsor with monetary assistance.

Celebrate good times, Come on! – Kool & the Gang

Happy Birthday to Bill Early who turned 29 on Monday.

Other celebrations included: Benjie’s Wedding Anniversary this Friday and Wendy and Linda celebrating membership anniversaries this month.

They started calling me the man of steel – Hank Williams, Jr.

Before our speaker, we were reminded of the upcoming fundraiser this week, Tour of Nucor.  $25 per person and everyone needs to meet at the Ahoskie Inn at 10:00.

Richard introduced Bob McCracken.  Richard mentioned the history of getting Nucor to town and how they provide Rotary with a yearly update.

Bob, the GM of the Hertford County Plate Mill, started in 1992 and comes to us from Arkansas.  Now he lives in Virginia (booing was kept at a minimum).  Highlights of his speech included:

– He prefers the plate market because it is a more customer-friendly market

– Nucor employs 22,000 employees in 22 states

– From 2004-2008, they produced 20 million tons of scrap annually.

– Their mills are environmentally friendly

– They are a U.S. company first, but growth may occur outside of the US, particularly in Italy.

– They recently announced a new site in Louisiana on the Miss. River that will produce 150 jobs with each employee averaging $75,000/year (once again, booing was kept at a minimum)

-They have become politically active trying to save the jobs that are going to China, India, Taiwan, etc.

-They have placed ads in the Wall Street Journal asking manufacturers to keep jobs in the States.

– The Hertford County plant produces 1.5 million tons a year

-They focus on bridge and infrastructure market

– There is ZERO discharge into the Chowan River

– Since they have opened, 20 other companies have opened in this area as well, setting a good example for business in our communities.

– When they first arrived, they gave $100,000 to Chowan

– They still raise $50,000/year for Relay for Life

– Their power bill every month is $3,000,000.  Dominion Power is now smiling.

Closing time; time for you to go out into the world – Semisonic

Ernie thanked Bob by giving him a blue mug.  Frances was the lucky person who got to pull the 3 of diamonds, we recited the 4-way test and…

Ernie Rings the Bell


October 25th Meeting – Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes


Welcome back, we always could spot a friend – John Sebastian


Ernie Rings the Bell


Our meeting started with the usual Pledge as Mitch finally located where the flag was situated in the room.  We sang My Country Tis of Thee and JC returned thanks.

Maria came back today and brought a very special guest, Baby Harrison.  Anita was taking the day off today which prompted many to apply for church positions due to the vacation time.

Ernie mentioned that it now takes an hour to do the Meals on Wheels route.  He said “they’re everywhere.”  A friendly reminder to future riders: please wait at the door for at least a minute to see if someone eventually comes to the door.

For the second week in a row, Oliver yielded Braggin’ Rights to ECU


Once again, Butch disappoints Oliver


Ernie then mentions that it may be a braggin’ right that this will be our last lunch for a while as next Tuesday will be our meeting with food starting at 7:00 am!  I wonder who’ll be just as chatty at 7 in the morning?

I’m questioning my education; Rewinding, what does it show? – Pearl Jam

John introduced our guest speaker, Greg Hogue, new principal at HCHS.  John was perturbed about the State of North Carolina pulling the plug on state tests and now the students have to take final tests that won’t matter.  Thus, there will now be a motivational problem with the students to actually take the tests. Basically, the testing process didn’t do what the state thought it would do.

Still, John showed a powerpoint about how our schools are doing.  A brief overview included:

– Ahoskie Elementary considered a School of Progress

– Bearfield and Riverview needed work with the reading portions

– The Middle Growth was also considered a School of Growth but still needed work with Reading

– The High School showed tremendous results with 90% passing State tests, especially well in US History.

So despite the reading issues in elementary, by high school, the kids are doing well.  Yet, John is worried because changes come daily and he is still astounded that they quit in mid-year.  He added that it is being held as a standard until 2013-14 but that this moving target of education keeps moving.

Now normally if I can help it, I don’t spend a lot of time in a principal’s office – Young MC

Principal Hogue spoke to the club about his vision.  Some brief highlights:

– 3 years ago, he came in as the Asst. Principal

– He believes the kids, parents and businesses in this community are the biggest resource for the school

– in the past, 10 to 15 teachers a year would not return so they tried to keep them with the support package of the apartments so that the kids would have consistency.

– The school has shifted from being departmentally isolated to a united community

– Tests are still given to all students no matter if they are on the college track or not

– This is a time of transition right now as they don’t know how to recognize achievements with the tests that don’t count.

– Don’t consider this the “terrible generation” as he has heard that since 1972.  Just have faith in the kids and put trust in God…even though he can’t mention that in the schools.

-The State doesn’t bother with the opinions of superintendents and principals, particularly in NE North Carolina.  The only time we hear from them is “when they come to fix us.”

John added that like dentists, they can’t control what happens in the home, only what happens on their grounds.  Yet, they still get graded for the performances of the kids.

Closing time, time for you to go out into the world – Semisonic

Jack had the opportunity chance and blew it by picking the Jack of Diamonds.

2 announcements were made:

The club voted yes to allow funds to be sent for Windsor and Vanceboro flood relief.

November is Rotary Foundation Month and a reminder about EREY – Every Rotarian, Every Year

Ended with the 4-way test…

Ernie Rings the Bell

…and that’s the bell!

Updated Meals on Wheels


The following is the Entire Meals on Wheels Schedule for the rest of the year:

November – Claudia Morris*

3rd Barbara Perry, Charlie Pierce

10th Frances Perry, Walt Pierce

17th Barbara Perry, Charlie Pierce

24th Frances Perry, Walt Pierce

December – Ernie Carter*

1st Wendy Ruffin-Barnes, Kim Schwartz

8th Sandra Wiley, Keith Rawls

15th Wendy Ruffin-Barnes, Kim Schwartz

22nd Sandra Wiley, Keith Rawls

29th JC Watford, Maria Jones

January – Anita Thompson *
5th Richard Baker, Jim Bales
12th JC Watford, Maria Jones
19th Richard Baker, Jim Bales
26th Linda Blackburn, Mark Boyd

February – Debra Morrison*
2nd Bill Earley, Lee Edwards
9th Linda Blackburn, Mark Boyd
16th Bill Earley, Lee Edwards

23rd John Fahey, Deborah Fields

March – Dan Joyner*
2nd Teresa Jenkins, Oliver Fleming
9th John Fahey, Deborah Fields
16th Teresa Jenkins, Oliver Fleming
23rd Mitch Kelly, Paul Knechtges
30th Denise Martin, Scott Melvin

April – Benjie Brown*
6th Mitch Kelly, Paul Knechtges
13th Denise Martin, Scott Melvin
20th Carolyn Martin, Brian Pavlick
27th Barbara Perry, Charlie Pierce

May – Charles Williford*
4th Carolyn Martin, Brian Pavlick
11th Barbara Perry, Charlie Pierce
18th Frances Perry, Walt Pierce
25th Wendy Ruffin-Barnes, Kim Schwartz

June – Richard Jernigan*

1st Frances Perry, Walt Pierce
8th Wendy Ruffin-Barnes, Kim Schwartz

15th Sandra Wiley, Keith Rawls

22nd JC Watford, Maria Jones

29th Sandra Wiley, Keith Rawls

July –

6th  JC Watford, Maria Jones

October Bingo Schedules


Updated 10/20

Oct. 21 – Oliver Fleming 10:30 am

Oct. 28 – Don Joyner 9:30 am

October 18 Meeting – Meet the Future!


Before we start, it should be noted that Brian and Claudia officially decided that the official name for the fried dough bites on the bar should be called “Bread Nuggets.”



Ernie Rings the Bell

Fear the Conquerers – Quote from Piedmont Bible College

Today’s meeting started with the Pledge and a club favorite, “Sing Out a Song of Rotary” followed by America


Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

Oliver returned thanks.

Brian introduced his mom and grandmother visiting today and the Interact members introduced themselves.  Meals on Wheels and Bingo assignments were announced.

With the UNC over UVA and ECU over NC State games on Saturday, Braggin’ Rights had potential to be good but no one wanted to take the dig at the other teams.  John did brag about the Hertford County Homecoming win so at least someone spoke up.  Walt mentioned that he was avoiding his parents and their split household due to the ECU/NC State game.  Team Joyner chimed in about Wake and Duke being the worst teams in the state.  It was mentioned that Wake would beat UNC one week then lose to Piedmont Bible College the next.  Just one problem with that: you have to beat UNC first!


The Demon Deacon gets it

How Long, has this been going on? – Ace

Ernie mentioned that he and Sue attended the longest meeting ever – the district Foundation seminar went 4.5 hours!  Kudos to Sue for leaving early.  Ernie did mention that The DG has sent everyone an email about the Windsor Flood Relief.  There is some discretionary money set aside for this cause but reminded Rotarians to help in these times of need.

Speaking of money, Ernie mentioned again how Sue helped secure $750 from the District Simplified Grants for our Summer Reading Program.  We were one of the highest recipients of grant funds.  Ernie also let us know that our club has provided over $165,000 total to the foundation over the years.

Kim mentioned that a patient and resident of Murfreesboro was desperately looking for a used exercise/stationary bike.  She encouraged everyone to ask around and see if anyone has left theirs out in the garage or wasn’t using one to donate.

We’ll be the leaders, just you wait and see; And tomorrow belongs to you and me – Major Accident

John introduced the Future Business Leaders of America Hertford Co. Chapter.  These bright men and women (well-dressed and very mature for young teenagers) are very visible in the public and host a variety of events throughout the year.  Ms. Burnet Parker, their faculty sponsor, spoke about this being their first event and so they would run the show.  And so we met them one by one:


The Hertford County Middle School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America Met with the Ahoskie Rotary Club on October 18, 2010. Pictured (left to right) are De’Era Wilkins, Amber Privott, Ashley Moring, Ms. Burnet Parker (Faculty Sponsor), Claudia Rowe, Shayla Williams, Reginald Ballard, Rosalia Sanchez and Ta’Niya Banks.

President Claudia Rowe described the benefits of the club as enhancing self-confidence and leadership skills through public speeches, workshops, budgeting and business networking.

VP Ashley Moring talked about the Code of Ethics

Secretary Ta’Niya Banks talked about the business education curriculum and promoting civic and personal responsibility.

Assistant Secretary Amber Privott elaborated on the curriculum and mentioned the club being relevant in the US and surrounding nations.

Treasurer De’Era Wilkins talked about developing aggressive business leadership and the transition from school to the workplace.

Reginald Ballard recited the FBLA pledge.

Rosalia Sanchez provided the history of FBLA which includes 250,000 students. She further explained the scholarship and honors opportunities involved with the club.

Shayla Williams read the creed which included the phrase “The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number”

I could care less about adults – John Fahey

Yes, that was an actual quote from our Superintendent but we understood what he meant when he said the kids are his real joy.

Ms. Parker provided these extra facts about the club:

-There are conferences throughout the year at different schools.  Oct. 29 will be the 1st Leadership Conference featuring Sue and John as guest speakers.  Oct. 21 will be the 3rd Installation Ceremony

-The club competes at the regional and state levels and has achieved much success in the few years it has been a program.

-FBLA can continue into high school and this club won the award for Most Active Middle School in the State of NC

-FBLA is similar to the DECA program and it’s current membership is 32 kids.

-Other competitions include Poster Creation Day and School Tours

– The have sponsors who donate to their travel expenses such as bus fees, hotel fees and conference fees. (RCCHC is one of those sponsors)

-Regarding the dress code, Ms. Parker has told the kids that throughout life, you will have a dress code so why not start – Part of that dress code is the mandatory use of a name tag.

Closing time; Time for you to go out into the world – Semisonic

After a few wrap-up points, Jeff drew the Jack of Hearts….

Ernie Rings the Bell

…and that’s all folks!


RCCHC Lands $6.2 million grant


As mentioned yesterday by Claudia and Kim, here is the story about the grant that was recently received…

October 11 Meeting – Are you ready for some football?


***Before the meeting began, Oliver made the comment that because our football guest were also having lunch, there’s a good chance we would run out of food today!

Ernie Rings the Bell

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?! – Jim Belushi

Anita was absent so the group sang “al dente” today which included singing Happy Birthday to Barbara and JB.  Jeff then led us in America the Beautiful (side note:  I know I only made a 4 on AP US History but are there any seas from which America can crown thy good with brotherhood?  Someone get John Fahey on the phone.)

John did inform anyone that even though today was Columbus Day and even though Chris gets the credit, he in fact did not discover America.  Ernie commented that he thought America was already here when Columbus came.  No doubt North Carolina Public Education at its greatest in that exchange.  Ernie then went on to mention that the only people who actually celebrated Columbus Day were federal banks and these guys:

The rare New York Italian (species name: Goomba italianas) celebrates Columbus Day by playing Bocce


It’s rainin’ men, Hallelujah, it’s rainin’ men – The Weather Girls

If things weren’t crazy enough, Ernie discovered lipstick in his coat pocket.  Now we can all make jokes and wonder why he had it in his pocket and who’s it was and more importantly, how this will be portrayed on the website.  But I’m lost for words and late in the evening so let’s have the boys give Ernie two snaps up:

Hated it!

After that warm icebreaker, we introduced our embarrassed students from Hertford County High School.  InterAct members Heather, Tiffany and Cody joined us and members of the football team and the coach were here as well.

Why have billions when we can have…millions?! – Dr. Evil

Claudia and Kim shared a fantastic bragging right today about raising $6.2 million to come into our area for Healthcare.  Claudia described it as “one of the biggest days for healthcare in our community.”  The fundraising will lead to a new state-of-the-art facility to be built, 65-100 more jobs, $2-$3 million given back to the community and possibly 20 new health center jobs.  Congratulations ladies on a fantastic job!

The weekly football update was given and the majority of the room was pleased due to many local teams winning over the weekend.  There was a reminder of the upcoming Lobster Fest at St. Thomas and that you can buy your tickets from anyone not named Jack Tayloe.

Also, Sue was congratulated for her efforts in acquiring $750 from the District Governor through a simplified grant.  It will help to fully fund the summer reading program.

Na na na na na, I’m on the football team – The All-American Rejects

John introduced Hertford County Head Football Coach Scott Privott to talk about the football team this year.  Coach said his team is never afraid to play anyone and that includes Terry Sanford (a $3,500 check and a win later and that man is the smartest in the land!).  An Ahoskie native, the proud coach talked about helping his kids get to the next level with over 30 scholarships given to his players over the last 4 years.  The team has a 2.0 GPA rule that says you can’t be on the team with anything less.  You can have an unlimited number of kids dress out for the team so he has 85 right now.  The goal is for 100 players on the team.  Coach mentioned recruits from colleges and how he is proud to show them his kids’ transcripts.  He also mentioned that his teams dress, act and play first-class and that will be the standard for Hertford County High School Football.

My mother State! to thee I kneel, Maryland! – State Song of Maryland

Dontez Tyler greeted the club first.  Last year, he recorded 18 sacks which was 2nd in the state.  He has verbally committed to Maryland after recruiting visits to Duke, ODU, State, UNC, Wake Forest, Arkansas, ECU and Virginia.

But then, a Monday morning quarterback never lost a game – Frank Sinatra

Petey Boone, starting Quarterback, joined into the conversation.  Named a recent player of the week, Boone recently ran for 120 yards and passed for 148 in the same game.  Oh, and he plays defense in his spare time.

I wanna get a mohawk but mom won’t let me get one – AFI

Kicker and ace pitcher Brandon Warren entertained the crowd.  After making a smart remark about coach not letting him play anything but kicker, coach asked Brandon to tell everyone why.  Like a grown man, Brandon smiled and said, “Momma won’t let me.Brandon got his first field goal against Edenton and just in case you were wondering, he has a 4.2 GPA (no word if he can split his GPA in half and loan some points to another kid to get on the team.)

After a few more remarks from Coach, he mentioned that all three of these men were nominated to play in the annual Shrine Bowl.

Closing time – time for you to go out, go out into the world – Semisonic

The opportunity award chance went to Jeff who drew the King of Spades, keeping the pot at $318.

Understatement of the day goes to Walt Pierce when he casually mentioned: “I’m confused!”

Recited the 4-way test plus one….

Ernie Rings the Bell

…and that’s the bell!