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2/1/11 Meeting – Feeling Healthy


Ernie Rings the Bell

Started with the pledge, Anita led us in singing “The 4-Way Test” and “America” before Jeff returned thanks.

Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

There were no visiting guests.

Ernie mentioned the Ahoskie Chamber of Commerce event Thursday night from 4:30 -7:30 at O’Connors.  He also mentioned next week’s speaker would be the Boy Scouts representative and to bring in your non-perishable items.  He added there was a family in need of getting their sons into the organization and needed $600 for funds.  If anyone was able to help, please mention it to Ernie.

Bragging Rights

-Wake Forest Wins!!

The Demon Deacon is thankful for the support

– In addition to the win, Don got to go backstage and meet the players and coaches.  No one asked for autographs.  He then gave John a WF cup.  John did not mind, as long as it wasn’t a loss to VT.

– Ernie bragged on the ads running in the paper for Pancake/Sausage

– John mentioned that the secondary schools in Hertford County have positive results in the current composites.  There is still work on Algebra but they are ahead of last year.

– We were informed that Charles has a cold and Richard’s wife, Jackie, has pancreatic cancer.

– Teresa mentioned the Polar Plunge February 12 @ 12:30 pm

Featured Presentation

Kim Schwartz from RCCHC was our guest speaker and mentioned HealthCare Reform and its effect on our area.  Highlights include:

– All stats come from

– Hertford County has the worst stats of Bertie, Gates, Hertford and Northampton.

– Out of 100 counties in NC, Hertford is one of 19 that ranks high for uninsured

– 11.5% of children 0-18 classified as uninsured, 25.6% of adults 19-64 did the same

– Overall, HC is at 25% uninsured – Compared to 17% for state of NC

– The results for the next year actually look worse than now.

– From 1998-2009, Health Insurance Premiums went up 125%, Inflation up 29% and earnings up 35%

– By 2014, the bill wants most employers to provide health insurance or pay a penalty.  Smaller employers would not have to but receive a tax credit for doing so.  This was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge.

– New policies could provide grant funds for state and local levels.

– Recently, RCCHC received $6.2 million from funding.  The new facility will double the room number and possibly number of patients seen at once.

– There is no immediate reduction of cost in sight, but quality of care and access to care will be larger issues for years to come.

Closing Time

After some encouraging words from Claudia to get involved politically in the health care debate, Lee drew the Jack of Clubs, we recited the 4-Way Test and….

Ernie Rings the Bell



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