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1/18/11 Meeting – Going to the Dogs


Claudia Rings the Bell

Yes, Claudia rang the bell to start.  We began with the singing of America and Lee returned thanks.

We jumped right into our guest speaker, Carol who represents PAWS (Protecting Animals Worth Saving).  Her presentation was full of information about the program.  Some of the highlights include:

– Established in 2006

– There were no set hours at the HC Shelter previously and conditions were poor due to finances.

– A group of 7 or 8 met at the shelter and rebuilt from the inside.

– Today, they provide medical services (wormings, vaccinations, flea/tick treatment) to all dogs

– The shelter is now 3x its original size and works hand in hand with the county

– There are no paid employees but they always need volunteers and donations for numerous tasks.

– 587 dogs have been adopted in 5 years time; of those, 97% spay/neuter rate

– Their animals are now found desirable, particularly from Wake County.

– PetSmart is a fantastic partner to PAWS

– If you can donate unused food, old bath towels/blankets, collars, kennels, anything, please let them know and please make a donation.

– If you’d like to adopt, there is a form about your current conditions, a $110 adoption fee, Vaccinations and Spay/Neuter processing.


Carol received a mug and pulled Richard’s ticket.  Richard pulled the ACE of Diamonds.

We recited the 4-way test plus one and

Claudia Rings the Bell

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