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1/11/11 Meeting – Look at all the ones!


Welcome to the Ahoskie Rotary at the Ahoskie Inn, where all are welcome…except the caterer.

(A disclaimer:  The pictures are not working so it may be some time before I can get them up and running.  In the meantime, enjoy the notes.)

Ernie rang the bell and we recited the pledge, sang My Country tis of Thee, and Frances returned thanks.

John mentioned that because of the weather and his policies on canceling school, he went from hero to zero in a day.

An update on Oliver Fleming: he is back in Greenville after another situation with his heart.  Jack predicted a pacemaker.

An update on Debbie: She was back at RBC yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks and is doing PT to help.

Brian took a huge bite of humble pie and had to admit that Auburn was impressive this season.

Assignments for the week include: Meals on Wheels – Maria and JC; Bingo – Charles Williford

Claudia and Ernie mentioned the RAD (Rotary Against Drugs) speech contest held in the Spring as well as the 4-Way Test Essay.  For more information on how to help, ask them.


Mitch introduced Rochelle and Lee from the Hertford-Gates Relay for Life 2011 Committee.  Lee mentioned she is a part of 4 women on the same family tree branch effected by cancer in some form.  After a personal testimony regarding her mom, she explained she uses her position as her vengeance against cancer.  She is now the co-chair of the event.

Rochelle made her return visit to Rotary and directed us to the pamphlet of information.  She gave us these facts:

– 7% of money that comes in are for ACS Salaries.  Everything else goes to programs, research, fundraisers,etc.

– Programs include Reach to Recovery, Man to Man, Road to Recovery, I Can Cope, TLC, and more.

– Last year our community raised $263,000+ which won several awards.

– The dates this year are April 15 and 16, 2011 at Chowan University

– The percentage of cancer to people ratio is very high in our community and businesses like the Hospital are being proactive in making people aware.

– There are many forms of Cancer out there and not just one.  It will take some more time, more funds, and more research.

Ernie provided the speakers with a mug.  Dan Joyner got to pull a card and received the Ace of Hearts.

We recited the 4-way test plus one before Ernie rang the bell for dismissal.

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