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November 23 – Sing Along with Brian


Ernie Rings the Bell

The Meeting started with the Pledge, Sing Out a Song of Rotary and America.  Deborah returned thanks

Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

Ernie acknowledged our guests and mentioned the schedules for Meals on Wheels and Bingo.  Oliver’s health was mentioned and it may be another week until he’s able to get out and about town on his own again.  But he is home.

Ernie introduced Brian to “perform” today’s program.  Included were songs rewritten to his personal Rotary experience.  His mug was set up at the front and tips were encouraged.

Jimi approves of Brian's songs

The songs included:

Ahoskie Rotary Club – Sung to DixieLand Delight by Alabama

Eatin’ from the buffet, munchin’ on pig’s feet, unsweet tea, sitting on my left.

Same ole’ Chicken, served on Monday’s, coupled with my green beans and my corn.

Out of tune piano, Jeff singing solos, and the tenors in the back they harmonize.

Lunchtime Monday, they were such fun days, My Ahoskie Rotary Club

Spent my dollar, given to Walt who’ll ask me if I want to play

Draw the queen of hearts, win a lot of dollars, all you gotta do is pull her from the stack of cards.

It’s my life, and my strife, my Ahoskie Rotary Club

(chord change)

Tuesday morning, a couple hours earlier to rise and shine again.

Same piano, just a different hot bar, filled with last week’s scrambled eggs and sometimes ham

Without jam, oh yes Ma’am, my Ahoskie Rotary Fam.

Randy Owens liked it!

Guest Speaker – Sung to Let It Be by The Beatles

When I enter town and I see the sign that leads me to the Ahoskie Inn,

There are people eating, Rotary.

And though I’m new, I know I’m welcome and maybe Walt will let me pick the ticket

I’m today’s guest speaker, Rotary.

Rotary, Rotary, Rotary, Rotary,

I hope you didn’t mind my slide show, Rotary

The boys fell all over that one

EREY! – Sung to I’m-Fixin-to-Die-Rag by Country Joe McDonald

Give me an E! Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me an Y! What’s that spell?

Well, c’mon all you Rotarians, Klinginsmith needs your help again.

Every year give a hundred bucks, more than money it’s spreading love.

Put down your forks and pull out your checks, Don Joyner knows what to do next.

And it’s 1-2-3, what are we giving for, every person every year, this program we hold dear.

And it’s 5-6-7, only one hundred bucks.  Well I got more money to be paid,

Whoopee! I’m part of EREY!

"Far Out, Brian!"

Meals on Wheels – As sung to When You Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating

It’s amazing how you can not find all the homes

When you’ve got 14 meals to do in an hour.

Make sure they answer and don’t leave the food, or you’ll answer to somebody rude.

Those Meals on Wheels folks make sure you’re always early.

You can never check out just cause you’re in a hurry.

Be careful, just hold the sides, for the tin is still scorching.

You’ll learn the route, when you go do Meals on Wheels.

Good?! He's the best!

Oliver Fleming – As sung to You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC

He pulls for UNC, he defines Rotary, he made his money working at the pharmacy

He yields to ECU when the Tar Heels loose and he always wears that same vest too

He gives the history of our Rotary and has the warmest handshake that you’ve ever seen

And his tables laughing, the whole rooms cracking, when his lips are flapping and we were clapping for YOU


Oliver Puppet (aka Walter) was hoping for Sinatra

John Fahey – As sung to Fire and Rain by James Taylor

Just yesterday morning, they changed my program again

Just got to see these kids to another grade.

Woke up this morning and I stood on the water,

I’ll cut up some pennies on another day.

I’ve seen their smiles and I’ve seen their grades.

I’ve seen better scores at a Virginia football game.

I’ve seen canceled days when it never looked like rain,

but I’ll keep my dream to teach Jr. High again.

James asks Brian if he's ever heard of the term, "copyright infringement."

4 Way Test- As sung to I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Well you were truthful and it made me happy, being fair to the whole assembly

You got the first 2 steps, now you’re trying to recite that.

You’re building goodwill and those better friendships, you’re beneficial to all concerned.

I reckon it’s that time again for dismissal

But I won’t leave before that bell no more, I must recite the 4-way test plus one!

Jason Mraz gets it

Our Club – As sung to We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel


Richard Baker, Charlie Pierce, Jack Tayloe, Deborah Fields

Linda Blackburn, Brian Pavlick and Sue Lassiter.

Sandra Wiley, Woody Pittman, Ernie Carter, Paul Knechtges,

Frances Perry, Denise Martin, Wendy Ruffin-Barnes.

Brownie Herbin, Jim Bales, and Anita Thompson

Then there’s Mister’s Dan and Don, they’re the brothers Joyner!


We’d rather meet at lunchtime, though we got up early we don’t look so purdy

We’d rather meet at lunchtime, though we got up early we don’t look so purdy


Oliver Fleming and there’s Scott Melvin

Deborah Morrison and don’t forget Charles Williford!

(Verse 2)

Teresa Jenkins, Carolyn Martin, Barbara Perry, Benjie Brown

JC, JB, Richard Jernigan

Claudia Morris, Walt Pierce, Kim Schwartz, Keith Rawls

Maria Jones and her baby little Harrison.

Mark Boyd, John Fahey, Jeff Douglas, Bill Earley,

Lee Edwards, Mitch Kelly, Ali’s name is hard to say!!!!!


We didn’t go to Nucor, though we voted for it, we forgot to tour it

We didn’t go to Nucor, though we voted for it, we forgot to tour it

Billy Joel is amazed that he really got everyone in that song!

Big Finish

Oh, Kiwanis, oh don’t you cry for me, Cause I came from Alabama and I’ve since joined Rotary!!!



Ernie wished everyone a happy thanksgiving, recited the 4-way test, and…

Ernie Rings the Bell

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