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November 16th Meeting – Polio hits home


A random note before the post begins – In the back of our song books there is a note about songs being used under the permission of the Society for the Preservation & Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. Don’t know about you, but I’m joining SPEBSQSA today!

We got ribs and things chicken and bake beans plates of styrofome we came to get it on – Colt Ford

Ernie Rings the Bell

We started our meeting with the singing of My Country Tis of Thee and Brian returned thanks

Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

Ernie mentioned Anita not being here today and Oliver went back to the hospital later last week to undergo 2x by-pass on his heart.  He is doing well.  Our guests were Heaven, Chelsea and Cody from the Interact Club of HCHS.

Bragging Rights went to State having a good game, Wake not being terrible and Walt still in tailgating mood this morning.

The Demon Deacon is thankful for the support

Ernie reminded us that Office elections are supposed to be turned in this December.  Claudia will move on to President, Jeff to President Elect, so we’ll need a Vice President and if you are considering Secretary of Treasurer to relieve Jack and Don of their long-terms, please speak up.

Ernie also mentioned Bingo went well as the residents went crazy over the giant Hershey bars.

I’m a survivor,I’m not gonna give up,I’m not gon’ stop, I’m gonna work harder – Destiny’s Child

Richard was our guest speaker today and described his battle with polio over the years.  Before he started, he scooted the podium up so Charles could hear.  Highlights of his speech included:

-His polio started with a 105 degree temperature on the Chowan River.

-They took him back to Fort Gordon and gave him aspirin for the pain in his spine.

-There were more cases of polio at Fort Gordon then any other base.

-He started in Military Police School where they wouldn’t let him do push-ups or lift anything due to his health.

-His buddies would make his bed for him because he was too weak.

-He became an Assistant Desk Sergeant throughout basic training, he would go to the hospital three times a week for therapy.

-After he was dismissed from his stint in Berlin, he finished at Wake and met Jackie.

-In Savannah, GA in 1999, he thought the TV set was moving on him and so they drove back to North Carolina.

-He was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, a direct cause from Polio.  He received treatment 4 times a year for 5 years at John Hopkins University.

– Richard wanted to express that he never complained about his life and he’s really had a great life.  There are others who can’t walk because of the disease.

– It is a tough disease to figure out or treat but Acupuncture saved the day for him.

– He is a living example of what we are trying to fight.

-Polio is very contagious through fecal/oral transmissions that works on the nervous system.

-Richard is now a vegetarian because of the disease and has since despised meat.

Closing Time, time to go out into the world – Semisonic

Ernie thanked the “Rotaract” for coming.  They will be cleaning Hwy 561 outside the high school this afternoon.

After a long debate, Charlie owned up that his card was pulled and that he didn’t need assistance drawing his card.  The 9 of diamonds reared it’s ugly head.

Recited the 4 way test and…

Ernie Rings the Bell


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