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November 9th Meeting – Ernie’s got Beef


Ernie Rings the Bell

But I’m not sad, I’m just disappointed
And I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed – The Frames

On a very quiet morning, we began with the pledge and the singing of “America” before Don Joyner returned thanks.

Patriotic Singing brought to you by Sam the Eagle

It was no coincidence that Deborah showed up right after singing.  Everyone mentioned how good the Banana Pancakes and Fried Bologna was.

Benjie Brown received a rendition of Happy Birthday for his day of birth today.  Keith joked that Benjie is closer to retirement while JB will still work for years to come.

An update on Oliver was that he was feeling good and came home Saturday, however, shortly after we adjourned, he was shipped back to Greenville after another heart attack.

And now for the pride check of the day….Ernie had beef with the group.  We had an event at Nucor on Friday in which a grand total of 5 people showed up.  Nucor planned for 25/30, had 6 executives there including a nice lunch and tour.  Needless to say, this was a poor showing for the group.  On a lighter note, it was no coincidence that the day Rotarians visited, there was a rare screw up and they had to temporarily shut down the plant.

Ernie also mentioned the opportunity to assist RBC with Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Wal-mart on Dec. 4th from 12-4pm

Jim mentioned that the Small Business Center will be hosting an ex-Disney employee doing a seminar on Experiencing the Disney Magic.  that will take place next Tues at 5pm.

Bet you, bet you, bet you didn’t know it – Brandy

Sue, without the aid of a projector, gave us some trivia questions about Foundation Month, specifically the End Polio Now campaign.  For instance:

-EREY stands for Every Rotarian Every Year

– EREY contributions support Polio Plus

– $100 provides tuition and books for 2 children in Kenya

-$500 provides a 10-month food supply for a child in Guatemala

-$1000 provides clean water for 300 people in India (The joke also includes Murfreesboro, NC)

Charles, with the assistance of Richard, explained that this is the first program Rotary International undertook over 23 years ago.  Every year, RI gets offers to support other programs but they refuse and stick with Polio Plus until it is completely eliminated.

So roses are red, So violets are blue, So sugar is sweet, So so are you. – Chico Marx explaining Cirrhosis

Ernie reminisced about treatment for polio in his day by taking sugar cubes.  meanwhile the younger audience, who never knew about testing for polio, showed their knowledge by asking if polio was that game played on a horse.

Sue ended her presentation by refusing the offer of a mug from Ernie.

Closing time, time for you to go out into the world – Semisonic

The middle back table ticket was drawn and out came an 8 of spades.

the 4 way-test +1 was recited and…

Ernie Rings the Bell


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